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Meteorological Briefing Laboratory


Improving the weather analysis and forecasting skills of the students in a professional environment.


To perform applications of Weather Analysis and Prediction I & II courses, to prepare students for the operational weather watching and forecasting environments in order to analyze, forecast and present weather briefings.

Research and Application Area

Synoptic scale and mesoscale analysis using actual weather charts, thermodynamic diagrams, numerical weather prediction tools, satellite and meteorological radar data. Mid-range and short-range forecasting including nowcasting.


  • Satellite receiver and a computer for receiving and visualising EUMETSAT’s METEOSAT Second Generation satellites’ data.

  • Computer for receiving and visualising data from Doppler radars operated by Turkish State Meteorological Service.

  • Computer for access to numerical weather prediction products of Turkish State Meteorological Service.

  • Projector for weather briefings.

Researchers Information

A (M.Sc.) Meteorological Engineer from Turkish State Meteorological Service works at the office in order to guide undergraduate and graduate students performing weather analysis and forecasting applications.