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Trisonic Research Laboratory


The aim of the Trisonic Research Laboratory (TRL) is to provide graduates with a thorough scientific and technical training in experimental fluid mechanics and aerodynamics.  This center is also utilized to perform fundamental research and help cover, to some extent, the needs of aerospace industry.

TRL has two main laboratories: Trisonic Laboratory (TL) at Ayazağa Campus and Gümüşsuyu Aerodynamic Laboratory (GAL) at Gümüşsuyu Campus.  These laboratories have a number of test facilities and services for the use of faculty and students for teaching and research purposes.  Each year, approximately 120 students use the TRL for undergraduate laboratory classes and project classes, and about 8 students for graduation theses.

Research Staff

Presently, there are four faculty members, one instructor, four research assistants, one project assistant, and three technicians actively working at the labs.

Facilities and Experiments

Facilities at Trisonic Research Laboratory include subsonic and supersonic wind tunnels, and various setups on experimental fluid mechanics used on laboratory classes.

TRL has four subsonic wind tunnels located in two laboratories which enable tests to be conducted at low subsonic speeds, two trisonic wind tunnels which enable tests to be conducted at high subsonic and moderate supersonic speeds and a water channel. Available experimental techniques by using these systems are:

  • Flow Visualization: Tuft, Smoke, Surface Oil Flow, Schlieren, Tin precipitation, Laser Sheet Illumination.
  • Pressure Measurements: Electronic pressure scanners (quantity: 4), total and pitot-static probes (quantity: 7), dynamic and static pressure transducers (quantity: 12). A rotary pressure scanner (Scanivalve Model J), PCB static pressure transducers, microprocessor based precision measuring instruments (Furness FC0510 Micromanometer) for ultra low range differential pressures (quantity: 4)
  • Velocity and Turbulence Measurements: Constant Temperature Hot-Wire Anemometer (3-Component), 7-hole pressure probe, Stereo-PIV (Particle Image Velocimetry), 3D-LDA (Laser Doppler Anemometer), microPIV.
  • Force and Moment Measurements: 6-component external balance, 3-component sting-type and 2-component wall-type balances, 4 F/T sensors.
  • Acceleration: Accelerometers (quantity: 2)

Current and possible research subjects by using the TRL equipment are:

  • Investigation of flow in supersonic inlets
  • Shock wave-boundary layer interactions
  • Supersonic vortex breakdown
  • Aerodynamic stability of guided missiles.
  • Investigation of aerodynamic characteristics of axially-symmetric bodies at high speed
  • Investigation of flow-induced vibrations and active or passive control
  • Investigation of wake flow of parallel or tandem wing profile configurations
  • Subsonic and supersonic jets and their impingement to the surfaces
  • Investigation of delta wings
  • Investigation of horse-shoe vortices
  • Investigation of backward step flows
  • Investigation of helicopter aerodynamics
  • Investigation of surface vehicle (car, truck, bus, train) aerodynamics
  • Investigation of wind load on buildings

Subsonic flow test models: Wings with different airfoil sections, flap and slot configurations, simple aircraft models, cylinders, missile type bodies, car, truck, bus and train aerodynamic models, step-flow instruments, delta wings, building models.

Supersonic flow test models: Simplified and scaled supersonic inlets, simple aircraft models, missile type bodies, blunt-nosed projectiles, wedges, cylinders, delta wings. New models required for experiments can be designed by the faculty or students and are manufactured by using the shop capabilities of the faculty.


Subsonic Wind Tunnels

Gümüşsuyu Closed Circued Wind Tunnels

Test room dimensions: 110 cm * 80 cm

Velocity range: 7 m/s < V < 40 m/s

Specifications: Closed circuit,

TEM balance (6 components)

Ayazağa LS 50'50

Test room dimensions: 50 cm * 50 cm * 200 cm

Velocity range: 0 m/s < V < 25 m/s

Specifications: Open circuit, closed test section

Ayazağa Air Flow Bench

Test room dimensions: 10 cm * 5 cm * (20-40) cm

Velocity range: 0 m/s < V < 32 m/s

Specifications: Simple miniature wind tunnel for

classroom demonstration of aerodynamics

Ayazağa Pipe Flow

Nozzle Apparatus and Fan Test Rig Pipe Flow

Supersonic Wind Tunnels

30'60 Trisonic Wind Tunnel

Test room dimensions: 30 mm * 60 mm * 200 mm

Mach number range: 0.3 < M < 2.2

Specifications: Continuous flow

Experimental Techniques:

Flow Visualization: Schilieren and

surface oil flow technique. Taking photo,

video record and digital view at the computer.

Pressure Measurement: Scanni-valve, mercury manometers and total and static pressure tubes.

Force and Moment Measurements: 2 component wall type balance

150'150 Trisonic Wind Tunnel

Test room dimensions: 150 mm * 150 mm * 400 mm

Mach number range: 0.4 < M < 2.2 (1st test section)

2.6 < M < 4.0 (2nd test section)

Specifications: Blow down

Experimental Techniques:

Angle of attack range: -4.5° < a < 8.5°

Flow Visualization: Schilieren and surface oil flow technique.

Taking photo, video record and digital view at the computer.

Pressure Measurements: Scanni-valve, mercury manometers and total and static pressure tubes.

Force and Moment Measurements: 3 Component sting type balance

Water Channel

Test room dimensions: 970 mm x 750 mm x 6 m

Velocity range:  0.006 m/s < V < 0.14 m/s

Experimental Techniques:

Velocity measurements: Streo-PIV, 3-D LDA

Force and pressure measurements

Tin precipitation flow visualization.

Motion control with linear table

Machine Shop

Model shop capabilities have been extensively

increased by the purchases of a new lathe,

a milling machine, a drill press, a band saw,

CNC lathe, laser cutter, hot-wire cutter machine.

These new and accurate machines are capable of

manufacturing models to use in the experimental courses, course projects and graduation projects.




İTÜ Trisonic Research Laboratory
Faculty of Aeronautics and Astronautics
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