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Model Airplane Laboratory

This laboratory is well-equipped with the hardware and tools required to manufacture model aircrafts.


Some of the ‘significant hardware’ that has been used for the Model Airplane Laboratory are: Weighing machine, Vise bench, Decoupage, Bench top milling machine, Wrench Set, Facing press, Calipers, Laser measuring equipment, Drill, Propeller balance aligner, Tachometer, Thermometer, Sanding machine, Workbench.


Laser Cutting Machine (located at Trisonic Research Laboratory), student-designed-and-built oven for composite parts manufacturing, CNC Machine (located at Trisonic Research Laboratory), computers for Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) applications.


CATIA, Matlab, Fortran, Word, Excel, etc.

Present and Future

Although the facilities and hardware in the Model Airplane laboratories meet the current needs there is significant need for growth. In the near future, the following capabilities are desired to be acquired: Storage of hardware, advance purchasing and storage of model airplane spare parts which are difficult to obtain in Turkey such as electric motors, servos, radio transmitters and receivers, batteries, etc. The faculty is assisted by a number of graduate students who serve as graduate laboratory assistants.