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Meteorological Instruments and Observation Methods Laboratory


The aim of the laboratory is to give the ability to students to test, measure and evaluate what they have learned theoretically; to have theoretical and practical knowledge to measure and observe the variables in meteorology. 


To supply the infrastructure for supporting related courses and research.

Research Practice Areas 

  • Climatology

  • Agricultural and Forestry Meteorology

  • Hydrology

  • Weather Analysis and Prediction

  • Air Pollution and etc.


Mechanical and electronical; thermometers, barometers, hygrometers, anemometers, rain gauges, psychrometers, evaporimeters, and etc. as well as data processes.   

Related with the courses, experiments are made with different types of instruments, both in the Laboratory and the Meteorological Observation Park.


A professor and a research assistant are in charge of the related course; Meteorological Instruments and Observation Methods.

Completed projects

Project on the development of Meteorological Instruments and Observation Methods Laboratory (Automatic station and hand type measurement instruments); Precipitation measurement system to determine the change in the dry deposition by time; Measurement of surface energy fluxes.

Head of the Laboratory: Prof. Dr. Levent ŞAYLAN

Technical Staff: Uğur YÖRÜK