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Control and Avionics Laboratory


Dynamic modeling of air and space vehicles, control system design, flight instrumentation and electronics, simulation systems and their experimental applications, fleet-level command-control system design and applications.


To conduct advanced level research on flight modeling and control, simulation and electronics systems and introduce them with industrial applications.

Current Research Focus

Current research focus is on high performance flight guidance, navigation and control systems, flight-deck HMIs, avionics systems, large-scale computation and optimization, nano-spacecraft, non-linear flight controls for agile maneuvering, group coordination of unmanned air vehicles , air traffic management and control, and human-fleet machine interfaces.

General View of Lab.


  • Boeing 737-800NG FNPT II Flight Simulator
  • Flight and Mission Simulator
  • ATM Simulator
  • Space Simulator and HIL Test System
  • Flight Avionics Workbench
  • UAV Design, Build and Integration Workbench
  • UAV Avionics Design, Build and Integration Workbench
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In 2009, the lab has successfully launched and is still operating the first university satellite of Turkey: ITUpSAT I. In addition, the laboratory has designed the first commercial avionics system of an indigenous light commercial helicopter. Commercial works completed within the lab include a full flight mission simulator, a micro-avionics system for UAVs and various autonomous air vehicles. In 2012, laboratories’ work on autonomous flight control systems for unmanned combat vehicles appeared as the cover of IEEE Control Systems Magazine.

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