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Meteorological Observation Park


Short term measurement and observation of the meteorological variables. The students can test, measure and evaluate what they have theoretically learned in the experimental field.


Climatological data measurements, short term research and education based measurement processes.

Research Practice Areas

Meteorology related areas:

  • Climatology

  • Agricultural and forestry meteorology

  • Hydrology

  • Weather prediction and analysis

  • Air pollution, etc.


In the meteorological observation, different meteorological variables such as air temperature, relative humidity, wind speed and direction, net and global radiation, precipitation, soil temperature at different level are measured and recorded by data loggers in automatic weather stations. There is also a classic climatological station with a dimension of 20 mx20 m. In it there are various kinds of mechanical instruments.


A professor and a research assistant are in charge of the related course and experimental measurements. 

Completed Projects

Measurement of the precipitation for the determination of the variation of dry deposition; Measurement of surface energy fluxes; The relationship between the evaporation amount of open water surface and mass loss of an element under sublimation; Measurement of refraction indices through micro and optical frequencies within boundary layer.

Head of the Laboratory: Prof. Dr. Levent ŞAYLAN

Technical Staff: Uğur YÖRÜK