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Asst. Prof. Bayram ÇELİK

Phone: +90 212 285 3440
Fax: +90 212 285 2926
Web Page:
Address: ITU Faculty of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Maslak 34469  İstanbul, Turkey


BSc Aerospace Engineering, ITU, Turkey, 1993.
MSc: Space Sciences and Technology, ITU, Turkey, 1997.
PhD: Space Sciences and Technology, ITU, Turkey, 2006.

Brief Resume

He obtained his PhD in Space Sciences and Technology from Istanbul Technical University in 2006. For his post doctoral research, he joined Dr. Beskok’s Bio-Micro-Fluidics Research Group at Old Dominion University in 2007. He has been working as an Assistant Professor since March 2010

Principle Publications

  • Durna, A.S., El Hajj Ali Barada, M.,  Celik, B., Shock interaction mechanisms on a double wedge at Mach 7, Physics of Fluids, 28, 096101 (2016), DOI:
  • Beskok A, Raisee M, Celik B, Yagiz B, Cheraghi M. Heat transfer enhancement in a straight channel via a rotationally oscillating adiabatic cylinder. International Journal of Thermal Sciences 2012; 58: 61-69.
  • Celik B, Raisee M, Beskok A. Heat transfer enhancement in a straight channel via transversely oscillating adiabatic circular cylinder. International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 2010; 53: 626-634.
  • Celik B and Beskok A, Mixing induced by a transversely oscillating circular cylinder in a straight channel. Physics of Fluids 2009; 21: 073601.
  • Celik B. and Edis FO. Micro scale synthetic-jet actuator flow simulation with characteristic-based-split method. Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology 2009; 81(3): 239.
  • Celik B, Akdag, U, Gunes S, Beskok A. Flow past an oscillating circular cylinder in a channel with an upstream splitter plate. Physics of Fluids 2008; 20:103603.
  • Celik B and Edis FO, Computational investigation of micro backward facing step duct flow in slip regime. Nanoscale and Microscale Thermophysical Engineering 2007; 11(3-4): 319.
  • Celik B and Edis FO, Analysis of Fluid Flow through micro-fluidic devices using characteristic-based-split procedure. Int. J. Numerical Methods in Fluids. 2006; 51(9): 1041.