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ITU High Altitude Balloon Launch Team

Our team has been established with the consultancy of Prof. Ahmet Duran Şahin in 2013 under the roof of Meteorological Studies Research Club (METAR) which works actively in organizations on projects, competitions, symposia, and seminars in Istanbul Technical University, Department of Meteorological Engineering from 1991.

Studies of our teams are being carried out with 16 students of the Aeronautical and Astronautics Faculty currently. Our aim is to gain knowledge and experience on making technical equipment related with high altitude atmosphere purposes in Istanbul Technical University.

In the 7 meteorological stations of Meteorological General Directorate of Turkey, temperature, relative humidity, pressure, and other atmospheric variables are observed directly with high-altitude balloons that are released two times a day at 00:00 and 12:00 GMT. The other not observed values are calculated by using these observed data. Similar to this operational application, the idea that the whole high altitude balloon launch application can be carried out academically by the students of various departments of Istanbul Technical University starting from production level to data analyses, has been suggested. In the end of this process, it would be seen that 5000 high altitude balloons that we release yearly can be a home product and this is not impossible. Thus this would be a starting point of transition in producing these balloons domestically. The planned project can help to reduce financial obstacles to the development of our country in some extent, as well as our students will gain academic experience.