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Due to rapid consumption of energy in today's world and the harmful effects of traditional energy resources, mankind tends to produce energy by using renewable energy resources. Thus, solar energy, which has already been used for centuries for different purposes, has become one of the renewable energy resources. We are aware of the significant role of using renewables, such as solar systems, for creating livable ecosystems again. Therefore, we, as RETECH team, aim to make a solar multi-charger unit to both represent Istanbul Technical University in an international competition and build knowledge and experience with our team members.

MISSION: To represent our university and the country best in the theme of this year, renewable energies of the Green Campus Project Competition that is going to be held for the first time in 2016.

VISION: To keep up technological agenda of renewable energies in today’s world by producing most convenient and fastest accessible public solar multi-charging unit for daily life purposes with the use of scientific, the most environmentally friendly and the most innovative method.