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Lagari Thrust Sounding Rocket Team
This team was established by Aeronautical, Astronautical, Meteorological, and Industrial Engineering students who have abilities to attend IREC, will be arranged in the USA, and intend this adventure to put in nice memories to their studentship years.

For today it is obvious that the future of mankind is depended on space sciences and space technologies. Started and continuing space programs support this truth. Basis goal of our team is being a part of development of rocket and missile systems which will firstly form the future of mankind and then our country.

Developing and integrated using of systems which have critical importance in the domestic defense industry together with other domestic units are an important investment for our country and therefore our future. So we want to be in place where the theory converts to practice. Cooperation, idea sharing, conducting a project, analytical thinking, observing different approaches to problems, scientific improvements and shares will be gains of our team.